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Hey there and thanks for stopping by,

My name is Sam and I’m the creator of Florence Ivy swimwear. Growing up just outside of Brisbane in Queensland with my two older sisters Monique and Alexandra, we spent most of our family holidays between the sunshine coast and the gold coast, practically living on the beach. We’re all fair skinned and so we always had to make sure we were covered up to protect us from the sun – que boring black stinger suits and big flouncy clothing.

After school I studied fashion design and technology. I always knew I would be a creator, and somehow clothing always seemed less dangerous than a building site.

Couple my passion and drive with the desire to have swimwear that was practical, carefree and bold and Florence Ivy was born.

All of the prints are created by me, the fabric is sourced and printed in Australia and the swimsuits are made on the Gold Coast. I’m so proud to say that all of our products are Australian designed and made. 

So, take a look around and find the design that speaks to your personality. We offer free shipping on orders over $110 and returns within 7 days.

You can generally find me dreaming up my next print, madly shipping orders or doing a few cartwheels, so if you have any questions just drop me a line.


Thanks, Sam

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Florence Ivy

Brisbane based designer

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